Training Data on Demand

Having high quality training data is necessary for training a neural network.
Our team is ready to take on all the responsibilities for creating a dataset for your task.
About Us
The data markup is a very important, but rather complicated and long process. Our team has been engaged in data markup for several years, has a great experience, a formed team of markers, the necessary tools and streamlined processes that allow us to mark up data quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.
Why work with Us
Each image is marked up by a professional designer with many years of experience.
Our team consists of more than 20 people, so we can quickly mark up a huge amount of data.
You will not need to spend time and money on searching for markers, quality control and organizational activities.
How it works
Problem statement
Describe your task and give us an example of data. Our experienced data scientist's will help you to formulate final requirements.
Project approval
We provide a test sample of the data markup, set the price and the time it takes to complete the markup. After agreeing on all issues conclude a contract.
Check result
We give you a marked dataset. You check, pay and we sign an act of acceptance of the work performed on the markup data.
Markup types
Our specially developed method allows us to select the smallest details.
Semantic Segmentation
Each image is marked in Photoshop by a professional designer.
This ensures the high quality of marking.
Facial landmarks
Our markup technology allows you to quickly annotate images with lines, polygons and points.
Image Classification
Thanks to Yandex Toloke, we can classify images at a speed of more than 10,000 images per hour.
Object Detection
Our markup technology allows you to quickly annotate images with rectangles.
Working with
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Phone: +7 915 318 09 64
Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory 1, building 52